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 Headline News      

Osborne Flies through Budget Cuts


Chancellor, George Osborne, has reduced the cost and spending on everyday items, everything from petrol to alcohol. In addition, a new scheme will help families with children; an estimated £1,200 will be reduced from parents’ taxes. Parents are only eligible if they both work.

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These changes may affect how much debt the U.K. has. It is estimated by some economists that U.K. will be in around 85% more debt in 2017/2018.

By Pritti

                                                                                             International News

The impact war has had on Syria


By: Iffat, Noreen and Zardana


This article has been written to illustrate a perspective on the Syrian conflict. The Syrian war started on the 15th March 2011 and has been continuing ever since.


Everyday millions of vulnerable citizens are dying due to the civil war going on between Sunnis and Shias. War has a negative affect on children, women, the environment, the educational facilities and the amount of supplies available for Syrians to purchase. You can help by donating money to the various charities working with the victims of war.


Mr. Moore from the Crest Girls Academy stated that, “In order to stop this bloodshed, the government shouldn’t provide military weapons to the rebels.” In addition Ms. Hajro also from the Crest Girls Academy said, “Nations should intervene to provide help to Syrian children to reinforce peace and to end this destructive war”.


Now that you know what is going on in Syria, what will you do to help the innocents?


Local News

Two men were stabbed in separate attacks in Dollis Hill and Harlesden yesterday. Brent Police are appealing for information following the incidents which took place 10 hours-apart. The first victim, who is 18, was knifed in the back in Coles Green Road, at around 2.20am. He was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The second man, aged 45, was attacked in High Road; Harlesden at 12.57pm.He was stabbed on the thigh and suffered a fractured eye socket during the attack.
He was also treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

By Faisa



Celebrity News

Why did the show stop?

While singing in Philadelphia, Pink, 33 years old, stopped halfway through her concert when she saw a crying young girl and tried to comfort her. Pink asked the little girl “is everything alright? Are you Ok please don’t cry. Then Pink asked the mother of the child, “Why is your little girl crying?” The mother told the singer that there has been a fight.”, as audience members explained. “You all are fighting around a little girl?” She offered her young fan, who was dressed all in pink, a toy frog treat, with nearby audience members passing them back to the girl, who was still looking quite sad. “You’re beautiful, don’t cry. Cry when you’re older,” she said to the little girl, before hugging her. “Thank you for coming.” Said Pink.

By Faisa, Mandy, Kinza


Sports News

Will Liverpool be walking alone without their number 7?

Fast, furious and naturally talented: these are the words every Liverpool fan use to describe the 26 year old Luis Suarez. However, his bitterness towards the media and football fans treatment of him may not be the only reason he looks for another club, regardless of his success at Anfield. Former Uruguay player Suarez has hit an own goal, giving Brendon Rodgers a football nightmare when stating that arising offers from champions league teams ‘ are very welcome’.

Having scored 29 breathtaking goals this season , Liverpool insist he isn’t going anywhere but as the season comes to an end, the decision remains with the one scoring the goals.

Will Liverpool score the winning goal and keep their number 7? As the race for the title continues, the competition of having the Premier League’s top player also heats up.

By Sadaf, Bleona and Angela

 suarez picture


A Penalty for the players faults Poem

Ole’ ole’, Torres fails to find the net,

Ole’ ole’ the world just lost another bet.

Suarez and his slick moves,

Is he worth all the boos?


Ole’ ole’, is Gerard getting old?

Ole’ ole’ West Ham are still standing bold.

Tottenham need bale while bale needs a makeover

I wonder when Rooney’s fake hair will wear over


Ole’ ole’ Carragher needs to rethink his career,

Ole’ ole’ Suarez voted as the kindest player of the year,

Blackpool back into the premier league, not even near!

Benitez losing his job as manager, I see the fear


Ole’ ole’ Rooney offered the part of Shrek,

Ole’ ole’ Nani's red card left Ferguson in a wreck.

Referees receiving death threats,

Let’s welcome them to the world of football, let’s.


Ole’ ole’ the race for the Premier League continues,

Ole’ ole’ who will win and who will lose?

By Sadaf

BBC School Report Day: My Experience


Today our BBC Report team came together and started finding some news we could report on. We all had different groups and categories to write about. After, we had to write our reports on the topic we had chosen. Overall, I thought the day was fun as we were able to live the life as journalists. Also, we were able to publish our stories on the BBC School Report website.

By Pritti

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